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The classic headline prediction has always been one of the strongest effects in all magic.  Even today, properly presented it can have an impact equal to virtually any major illusion.  We feel that this is the
finest apparatus ever made for this effect. 
It combines all the strengths of
the past models and eliminates
their drawbacks.  It is handmade in
a fashion that makes it a desirable addition to anyone’s collection and
or performing equipment. 
The box is handmade by Tim Star
and many many hours goes into making this beautiful piece of magic.
The box in the pictures is made of solid walnut and rubbed with paraffin oil. All solid brass on the
box is polished and clear coated.
And even the small rivets are individual polished and coated before they are attached to the box.
The lid of the box will automatically open at the turn of the key.
The precision in which this box has been made is unsurpassed by any one. You must see this piece to really appreciate it.  

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There is many ways to use this prediction box the limit is your imagination. Here is one way.

Several weeks before the show, the performer sends the box, by mail, to the location where the show will be held. At the location it will be put in
to a secure place such as a safe, a safe deposit box, or even frozen in
to a block of ice. When you arrive
and are doing the show, the box is brought out onto the stage, sill guarded. The magician never goes near the box. Someone from the audience will open the prediction box, inside is a small brass box that must also be opened. Inside the small brass box is a prediction of something that has happened since the time you mailed the box. Maybe the headline news, lottery numbers or anything
you like. The paper inside is read out and all your predictions have come true.

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